Why is Colombian Coffee So Great?


Why is Colombian Coffee So Great?

Colombian coffee is renowned the world over for its quality and scrumptious taste; in truth, in addition to a number of other nations, Colombia's coffee is typically viewed as a few of the best on the planet. But what makes one nation's coffee better than another's? Isn't all of it just coffee? The basic is no, so keep reading to discover what makes Colombian coffee so excellent.

There are three primary factors which identify the quality of coffee (and we are speaking about the raw product here, not the cup you drink in your home or regional caf: that can be elevated or destroyed by bad roasting, poor brewing strategy or unsuitable storage). Below are the three elements, and some description regarding why every one makes such a key difference when it concerns making Colombia's coffee taste so good.

Geography and environment of Colombia

Colombia has almost the best location for growing coffee, a sensitive crop which needs exactly the best conditions to flourish.


The richness of flavor for which Colombian coffee is celebrated is generally down to an exceptional climate, ideal soil, and the specific correct amount of rainfall. Coffee prospers in locations with at least 200 centimeters (80 inches) of rainfall each year, in addition to in areas where the temperature level never ever falls listed below freezing.

Colombia's mountainous terrain, tropical location, high rainfall-- however with simply the right amount of sunshine, too-- and reasonably moderate climate make for an unbelievably best coffee-growing country. Individuals typically state that Colombia was blessed with its incredible biodiversity and friendly locals, but if anything, its biggest blessing has been a perfect environment and geography for growing some of the world's best coffee.

The growing and harvesting procedure

This aspect can not be undervalued when it comes to producing superior coffee. It's not enough to have the perfect climate and surface if your approaches of growing and gathering coffee beans are careless or poorly executed.





The best coffee is grown on high slopes, surrounded preferably by trees and banana plants-- which supply much-needed shade and avoid the beans being sweltered in the hot sun-- and every bean is selected by hand. Yes, you check out that right: each one of the almost 600,000 coffee manufacturers in Colombia selects every bit of their harvest by hand.


This hand-picking procedure is not to be undervalued. A device can not inform the distinction in between green beans, unripe beans, overripe beans and the ideal coffee cherry. But a human can, and the effort and blistered fingers of 10s of countless coffee pickers is testimony to the hard nature of their work; however, it pays off for the coffee-lover, with the selection procedure significance that just the best coffee beans make it to your cup (although the bad beans still get processed and, sadly, end up in the cups of many Colombians, with the high-grade stuff predestined for foreign mugs).






The kind of coffee

Coffee isn't just coffee. There are two various kinds of coffee bean: arabica and robusta (in addition to new varieties produced within those 2 types). Colombia, with its ideal terrain and climate, is among the only nations that produce 100% arabica beans. However what does this have to do with the quality of Colombian coffee.


It's easy, really. Arabica is extensively considered to be the remarkable bean, and it is blessed with a sweeter and lighter taste, in addition to less caffeine-- about half the amount-- and more powerful acidic notes. Simply put, arabica produces a tastier, richer cup of coffee than robusta, and Colombia's 100% arabica status is bound to add up to some quite incredible coffee.

As we discussed, there's absolutely nothing that can be done to save even the finest coffee in the world if the roast is dreadful, it's been stored inadequately or you just discard boiling water over the premises and expect first-rate coffee.


However, if you are looking to take pleasure in a cup of the finest coffee in the world, look no more than Colombia for your beans. And now you understand precisely why Colombian coffee is so great!